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Friday, October 17, 2008

8 Awakening Techniques of Privacy while using your Laptop in Public Places..

This was shared to me by an office mate while we were in the middle of our nightshift work..An awakening technique! Try it! I think it would be the best remedy especially for those who wanted to have privacy surfing the net with their laptop in public places..CooL! (",) Enjoy! for steps on how to make it Read Here

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A young filipino talent gets international..

Another young filipino talent charice pempengco gets 15,she's got an amazing voice. Her talent was discovered through youtube videos uploaded by falsevoice. This had helped her boost her self esteem and show off her talent not just in the philippines but all over US and other countries..She made filipinos proud! see more of her videos Here


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Calling all Social Networking Fanatics..The Best Advice..

Don’t let it sabotage your chances for getting into a Big Company or College..
In a Kaplan press realease, 2008 survey of 320 admission officers of top colleges including educational experts of Kaplan found out that 10% visit social networking sites like Facebook & MySpace to learn more about the applicants personality. That means that an Online personality check really matters! Since it made 25% positive impression and 38% for a negative impression..This really calls our attention!

Internet has been a very big influence to all of us now and we (that includes me!)have to admit that being at Social Networking sites is a lot of fun! This a modernized way of building friendship, special relationship, interaction with groups with same interests, finding long lost friends, a tool for communication with friends and even used for business etc.. That is how Facebook, MySpace and other Social Networking Sites important to each of us. This is why it captured my attention when I read this issue at

Maybe now, we just have to be more aware that online check of school professors or maybe even supervisors of big companies do online personality check through these Social Networking Sites.. Or they may accidentally see us through other people’s network..It’s important for us to also create a good online impression and keep in mind who might be looking at your social networking sites???

So, what should you do to clean up your online image? Best Advice:
* Remove or block any photos that show you drinking alcohol, even if you were in a
situation where it was legal
* Remove or block any photos that show you with people who are obviously under the
* Remove or block photos with rude gestures (someone who doesn't know you won't find
that middle finger shot funny)
* Remove or block photos that are sexually suggestive
* Remove or block any photos that portray illegal activity
* Remove or block any photos that would make an admissions officer question your
character or judgment
* Unsubscribe from any groups that show bias or bigotry (those "I hate Jane Doe" and
"Old People Shouldn't Drive" groups suggest you're NOT the type of person a college
wants to admit)
* Unsubscribe from any groups that promote illegal activity (again, the "I Love
Getting Stoned" and "Budweiser Rules" groups will give the admissions folks
reservations about your application)
* Remove contact information such as your phone number and address--not only is this
a safety issue, but inclusion of such information shows bad judgment on your part.
* Choose an attractive and professional-looking photo for your profile picture
* Visit your site frequently to untag any unflattering photos your friends may have

Another option is you block access to your account and limit only for your friend’s view. This would be a good advice but still “housecleaning” is a good idea. It's hard to keep track of your online friends once you have hundreds of them, and it's hard to know who might be looking over the shoulder of one of your "friends."

You might not know that you can turn the tables on those nosy employers and admissions officers who might be snooping around your site. Instead, use these Social Networking Sites to promote good feedback for yourself..

- Post pictures that show you doing constructive things (reading to kids, doing
volunteer work, restoring a car)
- Post pictures that show you and your friends in a positive light -- colleges and
employers want applicants with healthy social skills
- Post travel pictures -- those worldly experiences are a plus
- Join groups that have positive messages (breast cancer awareness, peace not war,
and so on)

Do it in a positive way for promoting yourself and increase your chance of acceptance may it be for College or in a Big Company.. Don't let this hinder your Big Opportunities in life..Let's start it now!


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